Celebrating the authenticity of Wasabia japonica

Whether chef, foodie, manufacturer, consumer or farmer, we invite you to settle in and enjoy exploring a wealth of wasabi lore, history, recipes, scientific insights, growing tips and more... We're glad you're here to celebrate authenticity, wasabi and all things sushi and Japanese Cuisine.  We hope you enjoy your visit with us.....and please let us know if we can assist you !

In addition to Fresh Wasabi Rhizomes and Powdered Real Wasabi we also offer (seasonal) selections of farm fresh products including cultivated and/or wild-gathered Mushrooms, Herbs and carefully sourced Seaweed, Dry Foods, Condiments, Sushi Making Tools, Cookware, Tableware, Gifts and more. Wherever possible we source Locally-Grown, Certified Organic, All Natural and Sustainable products.