SEA VEGETABLES - Healthy Superfood

Sea Vegetables
Sea Vegetables are some of the most nutrient-packed foods you can find.
As people become more health conscious, we are questioning things like what are the differences between the many varieties of sea vegetables? 
What are the health benefits of sea vegetables?  And what are the different varieties used for?
Most of us are familiar with Nori, which is most commonly available in square sheets and used for sushi.  


Kombu is popularly used in miso soup, It’s also a great addition to just about any soup. Simply take a small strip and add it to your homemade soups. Just a small serving provides 70+ trace minerals working to reverse aging in your body! As a great anti-aging tip, I suggest making kombu a kitchen staple as you would sea salt.

Wakame is closely related to kombu, this variety is said to have metabolic properties due to its high iodine content. Iodine is very important to our thyroid health and is found naturally in very few foods. Perhaps seaweed is part of the secret to Japan’s low rates of obesity? Traditionally wakame is served over rice and udon noodles in Japan, but is also a fine choice for miso and other soups and salads.
Dulse has been used a nutritional supplement much like spirulina and makes such a great snack on its own, as it needs no cooking or soaking. It comes ready to eat with a chewy, salty and slightly sweet taste. It’s also packed with protein and iron, and has been attributed to thick healthy and shiny hair.