Soba Noodle Gift Set
Soba Noodle Mat
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Soba Noodle Gift Set

Soba Noodle Lover's Gift Set

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Soba Noodle Gift Set

Anyone who has had traditional Japanese Soba Noodles served cold on a lacquered tray, highlighted with Soy and Wasabi knows how enjoyable it is.  A memorable and savory treat.

This gift set includes everything that Soba Noodle Lovers need to make their own at home:

One 8 Ounce Package of USDA Certified Organic Soba Noodles
One Small (3/4 Ounce) Jar of Authentic Real Wasabi Powder 
Two pair of Japanese style Chopsticks made of solid Iron Wood 
One Japanese Black and Red Lacquered traditional Soba Tray