Real Wasabi Powder - Case of Medium Jars

$ 234.49

100% pure Real Wasabi Powder - Case 12x @ 1 1/4 oz each

Celebrating the Authenticity of Wasabia japonica

Classic Real Wasabi Powder allows you to experience the nuanced flavors of authentic Wasabia japonica while enjoying the convenience of a pantry item. 
The vast majority of wasabi powders sold worldwide are typically faux blends of horseradish, mustards and food coloring,
Real Wasabi Powder contains ONLY authentic 100% Wasabia japonica.  Absolutely NO fillers, NO horseradish, NO Mustard, NO colourants, NO additives whatsoever. 

This 100% Real Wasabi Powder is preferred by taste groups and chefs 

Our classic Real Wasabi Powder (culinary blend) is primarily Wasabia japonica Rhizome powder (over 75%) with some stem and leaf powders to enhance flavor, color and texture. This classic culinary blend is broadly preferred by food packers, manufacturers, sample tastings and chefs for table use as it offers the closest thing to the subtle, nuanced flavor of freshly grated wasabi.  


Great for gift giving, stocking stuffers, pantry stocking or the impromptu visit to a sushi bar where you simply want the best. Real Wasabi Powder keeps best in your fridge away from heat and light and is good for at least two years from date of packaging.

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