Sushi Nori
Sushi Nori

Toasted Organic Sushi Nori

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Toasted Nori has unique, slightly grassy flavor

Organic Pacific Sushi Nori is a familiar sea vegetable used to wrap sushi rolls and also shredded to add to rice dishes, salads, soups and stir frys.  This  Nori is carefully cultivated from USDA Certified Organic nori spores from the previous year's harvests. Toasted Nori has unique, slightly grassy flavor, crunchy texture and imparts a distinctive umami.  This Premium, Silver Grade Nori is delicious to use in sushi rolls, SUSHI PANTRY USDA Certified Organic Pacific Sushi Nori Sheetsshredded as a condiment or as a stand alone snack dipped in soy sauce or umeboshi vinegar.

USDA Certified Organic. Verified Non-GMO.  Gluten-Free    Kosher