Organic Miso Tamari
Miso Tamari

Organic Miso Tamari

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There is nothing else like it! Organic Miso Tamari

Filtered water, organic soybeans, organic partially polished brown rice, organic pearled barley, organic rice koji, organic barley koji, sea salt, well water, and aspergillus spores.

More than 300 years ago in Tokugawa Japan, miso masters had a profitable sideline selling the liquid essence pressed out of the miso during the aging process. This precious elixir, produced by several hundred pounds of rocks pushing down on the top of the barrel, proved very popular. Since 25 pounds of miso yields only one 10 ounce bottle of miso tamari, demand quickly outran the limited supply.

Enterprising producers soon developed a new process to make tamari directly from soybeans without first going through the miso stage, thereby giving birth to the soy sauce industry. Now, after a 300-year absence, you can again sample the mother of all soy sauces. We proudly bring back to the market Miso Master Organic Miso Tamari.

There is nothing else like it! Certified Organic Dairy-free, Vegan