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Bamboo Steamer

Asian cooks have long preferred the use of round Bamboo Steamers which are perfectly designed for gently steaming food. Steaming helps preserve flavors, vitamins and minerals and is an especially healthful cooking method using no fat. Gentle steaming also helps preserve foods shape, texture and color better that boiling, simmering or poaching.  There is no splatter with steaming as with pan frying.

To use,  center the steamer in your Wok or frying pan with a couple inches of water underneath.  The slotted bamboo bottoms of each level allow steam to thoroughly circulate for even cooking.   The domed lid helps circulate the heat and allows any condensation to wick away, rather than drip on the food.  The steamer is designed to fit nicely against the sides of your Wok or frying pan.  

The stack-able layer design means you can steam fish or slower cooking items in the bottom level and faster cooking vegetables or gyoza dumplings in the top basket.  Notice too that the layers are interchangeable.  Good practices include lining the baskets with parchment paper, cabbage or lettuce leaves, then adding food. Herbs and Spices including garlic and ginger can be throughout.